Terms of Use

Berry & Otterson respects the privacy and protection of personal information of our clients and visitors (collectively referred to as “clients”). All websites authorized by Berry & Otterson, including this site, are considered Berry & Otterson websites. The information we collect and how we use it is for the purpose to better serve our clients. By choosing to visit any Berry & Otterson website, you have accepted our terms of use.

Information Helps Improve Your Browsing Experience
Without the information we gather from our clients, we would not be able to reply to client inquiries and comments or allow clients to make payments online. Browsing on our website continues to improve as we get feedback from our clients. Gaining information such as the client’s name, email address and billing information (when necessary) allows us to effectively identify and contact our clients.

Client information also allows us to improve the navigation, content, and overall experience of browsing. Knowing the popularity of various areas of our website helps us determine how to organize links and make finding your way around less difficult. We improve how our products are displayed, the descriptions of our products, and the additional content on the pages too. As a result, browsing our website becomes much more enjoyable as we develop our pages to fit the preferences of our clients.

In certain situations we may have to share a portion of your information with an outside agency for processing secure payments, sending communications, conducting research, etc. Our law firm would not be able to operate normally without these agencies. These agencies only use the pertinent information that is necessary to carry out tasks that we request and are bound by contract not to disclose any of your personal information.

Collecting Information
Data that is collected automatically often comes from cookies or similar sources. Cookies are small packets of data that are stored on your computer and are commonly used by many websites. Cookies allow us to improve your experience online, evaluate the effectiveness of our website, and recognize when you return to our website. Since cookies may be turned on or off, you may toggle your browser settings on your computer at any time. Conversely if you block cookies, many pages and functions of our site may not work properly.

Other data we obtain is from voluntary information. Our clients knowingly give information for certain functions and uses of our website. We may ask clients to provide information for things such making secure payments, receiving beneficial emails, participating in surveys, and entering contests. The client always provides this type of information to us at his discretion.

Common things that we may inquire about our clients are name, email address, phone number, and home address. We may also ask for other information to help us better understand the preferences of our clients. This information gives us the ability to configure our website to maximize navigation and communication of information.

Berry & Otterson's main intention for using this information is to constantly increase the quality of our website for our clients.

As often as possible, we want to protect the identities and personal information of our clients. In rare cases, the law may require us to disclose information about a client for various reasons. If this occurs, we will release only the information required by authorized individuals in such legal settings.

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